PFC 218 Toxicological profile

PFC-218 (octafluoropropane)

Acute inhalation toxicity study (rat): the 4-hour lc50 is above 110,000 ppm. these results suggest that on an acute inhalation basis the test material can be considered as a simple asphyxiant.
See the fourth summary for data of additional higher exposure levels. (Huntingdon Research Centre; mar 02, 1995; min 68/930457)

Cardiac sensitization study (dog): the test material does have some limited potential to produce cardiac sensitization at very high (greater than 30%) concentrations in air. the inhalation of such high concentration of the test material during use is considered unlikely. The effects of oxygen depletion (lack of sufficient oxygen to breathe) should become evident before the 30% level of the test material is reached.
(Huntingdon Research Centre; jun 23, 1993; min 101/930623)

Bacterial mutation assay salmonella typhimurium (strains ta 1535, ta 1537, ta 1538, ta 98 and ta 100): negative.
(Huntingdon Research Centre; aug 24, 1993; min 67/920961)

Acute inhalation toxicity 4-hour (rat): lc50 exceeds 810,000 ppm
(Huntingdon Life Sciences; may 02, 1997; 96-5308)