PFC 116 Toxicological Profile

PFC-116 (hexafluoroethane)

Animal Data
Inhalation 4-hour LC50 : > 800,000 ppm in rats

Effects observed in animals by inhalation include decreased growth rate, pulmonary changes, irregular respiration, increased urine volume and creatinine, reversible pathological changes in the kidneys, and increased urinary fluoride concentration. One study showed no arrhythmogenic effects in dogs at a concentration of 20 %, while another study did show some arrhythmogenic effects in both guinea pigs and dogs. Long-term inhalation exposures resulted in an initial decrease in growth rate, but no other adverse changes were noted. No animal test reports are available to define carcinogenic, developmental, or reproductive hazards. The compound does not produce genetic damage in bacterail cell cultures but has not been tested in animals.


Safety Data Sheet of DuPont